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We provide professional drone services and aerial data collection, empowering your business's decision-making, asset management, & more

More reliable data from
fully certified drone pilots

BlueSky Aviators™ is a professional drone service provider based out of Lakeland, FL. Data collected by our FAA-certified drone pilots is robust & scalable, and readily replicated should future needs demand which can help drastically reduce operational costs. 

How can our drone data help your decision making?

Save Time & Money

Our applied science 3D protocols and proven practices allow for immediate visual progress, which enables quicker turn-arounds and ultimately lower costs.

Avoid Mistakes

By removing the possibility of human error with advanced drone data collection and utilizing fully-certified drone operators, we are able to offer you superior reliability and precision on key business variables.

Collaborate Directly

Each client has an assigned project manager that they can personally contact for real-time situations, as well as access to all data in an online client portal.

Drone Pilots Equipped
for any project

BlueSky Aviators™ is comprised of certified drone pilots who are experts at drone data collection and applications. Our pilots are not only Part 107 FAA-certified, but have also earned their certifications in a wide variety of other designations applicable to client projects. Other certifications include:

Improve efficiency with
Comprehensive Drone services

Drone Inspections

Drones can be a highly useful and efficient tool for various kinds of inspections—commercial, residential, bridge, power grid, pipeline, roof, cell towers, etc.

Aerial Photography

Almost any industry can benefit from aerial photography—from marketing to 3D modeling to real estate to thermal energy detection.

Disaster Response & Public Safety

We provide assistance & support to local firemen, first responders, and other emergency personnel during or following a disaster.

3D Modeling & Simulations

We are highly skilled at photogrammetry, allowing us to transform data captured by our drones into useful 3D images.

Infrared Scanning

We use thermal energy to define objects in low visibility environments, helping clients find alternative, lower cost solutions to various problems.


We provide comprehensive analysis, consulting, design, and testing services for a variety of engineering needs.

How It Works

Drone technology has revolutionized the way the world does business. A single drone can cover a wide scope of utilities whereas before, you’d have to hire a specialized individual for each job. Because of this versatility, we offer a wide range of services that can be tailored to your project as necessary.

We plan smarter so that you can grow faster.™

Industry focus chart
Industry focus chart
Proud to Be a Woman-Owned Business

BlueSky Aviators™ is a proud woman-owned business. Jami Jolicoeur formed BlueSky Aviators™ in 2020 after earning her Part 107 pilot designation.

The BlueSky Aviators team using a drone to inspect a facility
The BlueSky Aviators team using a drone to inspect a facility